Pascale Sabaté

Handmade knives

+33 6 3075 5523

Each knife is entirely hand-made in my craft workshop. I place great emphasis on lines, wood assemblies and colors and materials harmony.

 They are all unique

and have their own identity. I also give a name to each of my folding knives.

I often get asked why I became a knifemaker.

Since my earliest chilhood I had

a strong passion for knives and cutlery.

Not an easy passion to have as a little girl!! For a long time it laid deep within me, in a secret place… In 2013, I finally decided to put the time into it and learn the wonderful profession of knifemaker. I discovered a fascinating world of endless possibilities. Since 2016, it is now my full-time occupation.

Huge thanks

to Stéphanie Mottais and Xavier Araté, who invited me into their workshops to learn the basics of the craft. I am now learning by myself the variety of options the art of knifemaking has to offer.

The workshop

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